Thursday, April 28, 2016


     When you think of x, you usually think of Algebra or a treasure map. In both cases, x is something you don't know, the missing piece of the puzzle, the hidden destination. I guess you could say x is like the future; you don't know what it holds unless you take the correct route to figure it out. In Algebra, you can use a few different methods to deduce and use your mathabilities (I love words that don't exist) to find the right number. On a treasure map, you follow the instructions the map gives you. In life, the only way to find out what is in the future is to live through it (unless you have a gift of prophecy). Even if you have a hunch of some kind, you don't actually know what is going to happen. Sometimes the Holy Spirit speaks to you in that way, guiding you to make right choices. 
     I honestly have no idea where I was supposed to go with this :) I came up with ideas for each letter a couple weeks ago, and sometimes I forget where to go, so I just go with it and hope it turns out. Apparently, that was not the case this time. I guess it's a mystery ;)


Wednesday, April 27, 2016


     Water is a wonderful liquid. It's a refreshing drink that hydrates you body and helps you stay healthy. Both the earth and our bodies are made mostly of water. There are some people who don't like water because they think it's bland, and others drink it all the time. Of course, different water has different taste. Personally, I don't like bottled water; I like the filtered water from our fridge. Before we moved, we drank water out of the faucet, but now our water tastes like chlorine. 
     Even if you don't like drinking water, there are other things water is good for. I love swimming at the beach, bobbing up and down, trying not to be overcome by the oncoming waves. Getting saltwater in your eyes isn't very fun, but it's worth it. Swimming in a pool is fun too, especially if there is a deep end where you can't touch. My friends and I always come up with fun games to play while we are swimming. 
     Anyway, my point is, water is awesome and necessary to life. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


     My brother is a video game geek, so when the HTC Vive went on pre-order, he wanted to be one of the first to own it. An HTC Vive is a virtual reality headset that makes it look as if you are actually in the game. He was so excited when it arrived, and we tested it out that night. And let me tell you: it is so much fun. We played The Lab, Space Pirate Trainer, and Spell Fighter. The Lab has a couple different mini games and random things sitting around that you can mess with. Space Pirate Trainer gives you a pistol-type gun in each hand, and you can pick which setting of bullets you want to use while shooting the space things that are trying to shoot you. Spell Fighter is scary. It's not a horror game, and the graphics aren't gory or anything, but there are HUGE SPIDERS THAT JUMP AT YOU WITH THEIR FANGS AND SPINDLY LEGS AND I FLIPPED OUT. You get to pick your weapon in the beginning (I picked bow and arrow cause I don't have to get anywhere close to the skeletons and zombies that are trying to kill me) and set off down a pathway to who knows where. It's very easy to drop your weapon, so it's good to carry extras with you. Your surroundings look pretty legit. Therefore, we have discovered that I would not, in fact, survive the zombie apocalypse. Even though it freaked me out, it was still very fun. I am planning on freaking myself out even more by playing horror games, which I will soon regret. I jump at even the smallest movement, so I'm hoping I don't poop my pants. 
     "Why would you play it if it freaks you out so much?" You might ask. Because It's still so much fun. Even though I flipped out, it feels so awesome to kill a zombie, or jump off a cliff (aaaahhhhh), or browse at an enchanted shop. It doesn't look exactly like the real world, but it feels real. There are lots of fun things to do on an HTC Vive, so I'm really happy that he got one. 
     (Sorry guys, I had Vanishing Realms instead of Spell Fighter, so I went back through and changed it. He does have Vanishing Realms, I just haven't played it yet)

Monday, April 25, 2016


     A couple months ago, I bought myself a ukulele off of Amazon. My cousin taught me how to play when I was visiting her over New Years, and we though we'd learn some songs together. I've been practicing a lot, and I've improved greatly, though I'm not as good as some people I know. My goal right now is to be able to pick. I know it's hard, but I can probably get it with some practice. 
     What instruments do you play?

Saturday, April 23, 2016

A Tribute to the Companions

     Anytime a show reaches season 10, it means there are a lot of die hard fans out there. Especially for Doctor Who. Today, BBC is announcing the new companion for season 10, and lots of people are freaking out (including me). It's always hard to let go of a companion. In all 9 seasons of New Who (Doctor Who since 2000s), there have been five legit companions and around six more important people who weren't exactly considered companions. 
     In seasons 1-2, Rose Tyler (played by Billie Piper) was the doctor's companion. They met at the store where she worked when some sort of alien made all the plastic mannequins start killing people. It was a very... "interesting" episode. Anyhoozles, she was one of my favorite companions, and tenrose is my otp. Later on, her boyfriend Mickey Smith (Noel Clarke) started to travel with them, and a whole bunch of crazy stuff happened that I won't say because you have to watch it to get it. Also, Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) makes his first appearance in season 1. 
     In season 3, Martha Jones (played by Freema Agyeman) has a crush on the doctor, but he never notices cause he's still reeling after losing Rose. I really liked Martha because she eventually becomes independent and does a lot of awesome stuff. 
     In season 4, Donna Noble (played by Catherine Tate) is the extremely sassy companion that everyone loves. She has a lot of funny lines and sarcastic comebacks. 
     In seasons 5-6, Amy (Amelia) Pond (played by Karen Gillan) is the stubborn companion. She travels with the doctor for a while before getting married to her fiance, Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill), who then goes with them. These two seasons are my favorite, because they have an ongoing story line that leaves you in suspense until the end of the season. Then there's a whole bunch of crazy stuff about River Song (Alex Kingston) which I won't mention because spoilers. (props to you if you get it)
    In seasons 7-9, a whole bunch of stuff happens, but Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) is basically the companion. Lots of crazy stuff happens with her too, and she is my other favorite companion. Danny Pink (Samuel Anderson) has a pretty big part in season 8, and Ashildr/Me (Maisie Williams) has a couple important appearances in season 9. 
     For season 10 (airing in spring 2017), BBC has a new head writer (formerly Steven Moffat, now Chris Chibnall) which should be interesting. I'm really excited for the new season and the new companion. 
     Speaking of the new companion, it was just announced that Pearl Mackie will be Bill, the new companion next spring. Me: *flips out*


Friday, April 22, 2016

This Is the Story of How I Died

     *dramatic voice*

     My neck ached as I looked down at the pages in my journal. It had been an ordinary day, and I didn't have much to write about. I sat in the top bunk, lost in my deepest thoughts, oblivious to everything around me. Little did I know about the events that would lead me to meet my fate. I looked up at the ceiling to relieve my neck when I heard the screams. Our guest who was staying in the downstairs bedroom shouted my name, and in my confusion I was led to my destiny. As I leaped off the bunk, I prepared my mind for whatever I was about to witness, but nothing could prepare me for what was about to happen. 
     I arrived downstairs, and looked in the direction our guest was pointing. Then I saw it. A big, brown, ugly spider staring up at me from its cozy spot in a suitcase. My first instinct was to freeze. My voluntary muscles seemed to become cement, and my attempts to run were in vain. That was the moment I accepted my impending doom. "Kill it!" our guest yelled. "Kill it!" repeated my little brother. Their faces showed terror, their eyes full of fear. My heart regained its beating, and gears in my mind struggled to assess the situation. A sharp scream escaped from my mouth as the spider scurried onto another article of clothing. By that time I had made up my mind. I was going to kill the spider. "Shoe," I said firmly. Without looking away from the ugly arachnid who had invaded our house, I shoved my hand out to our guest, waiting to grasp my weapon of choice. I received the shoe, which happened to belong to my mother, and proceeded to plan the spiders execution. I began to creep toward it, but was startled when it crept under a shirt. I closed the space between myself and the suitcase and slowly lifted the blouse. The spider again came into view, but retreated from the danger back under all the clothing. I screamed again. Piece by piece, I emptied the suitcase, with a sharp eye watching for any sign of movement. Finally, when nearly the entire stack of clothing was removed, I saw it. This was it. I had a chance. I stood there, contemplating what I was about to do, fearing that it would escape. With a sudden burst of bravery, I lunged forward and slammed the shoe onto the spider, only to see it panic and begin its escape. I frantically smashed again, and again, and again, until all that was left was a squished pile of guts and stringy legs. I smashed it again for good measure. In that moment I realized what I had done, and puffed my chest proudly, waiting to be applauded by the onlookers. I had defeated the undefeatable. I accepted a simple "Thank you." from the victim, though I felt I deserved more. But I did not need praise from our guest, because I had obviously just defeated the undefeatable. 
     This is the story of how I- the scared little girl who would flee at buzz of a bee, scream at the sight of an insect, and cry when there was no one to help- died and became the fearless, bug-slaying warrior I am today. 

     Anyhoozles, I hope you enjoyed that. The subject of today is "S" for Story. This is a true story, and no one was harmed in the making of it (except the spider, of course). This was legitimately a turning point in my life, and since then I have had the bravery to kill weird looking spiders, wasps, and centipedes without out a single scream.


Thursday, April 21, 2016


     For me, rainbows signify two things: Gods promise to Noah and diversity. Today, if you see someone with a rainbow filter on their profile picture on Facebook, it probably has something to do with being gay. There is a ton of controversy about being gay (notice how I put "ton" in bold, italics, and underline. I can't emphasize it enough). So here I am, making even more controversy by sharing my opinions. But guess what? I'm gonna do it anyway. 
     I have nothing against people who are gay. They, as humans, are no different from everyone else. Everyone in this world has different beliefs, and that's okay. I will support them as people, but that does not mean I agree with their choices. The Bible says this: 

     "Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable." -Leviticus 18:22

     God designed men and women specifically for each other. 
     God also says these:
     "There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destroy. But you--who are you to judge your neighbor?"
-James 4:12

     "A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another." -John 13:34

     We Christians should be accepting only perfect people everyone into the church. We should be reaching out to people who need help instead of shunning them for their sins. 

     "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God," -Romans 3:23

     Some people say, "They can't help it if they're gay," and they're probably right, only because they are of the world instead of God. Someone who is of God is filled with the Holy Spirit and follows his instructions. We should pray for these people instead of degrading them. Not only for gays, but for addicts and criminals, for everyone who does not know God. 
     In the comments, let me know what you're thinking.



Wednesday, April 20, 2016


     Q? What the heck am I supposed to write about with "q"? Queens, quails, quality, quotes, quills. I don't have anything original, so I looked up all the words that start with "q" in the dictionary. Thus, my post is about weird words in the dictionary that start with "q".
     All definitions come from the Merriam Webster Dictionary app on my iPod. 

Qiviut- the wool of the undercoat of the musk ox. 

Now this isn't a weird word, but I think the definition is slightly amusing: Quack- to make the characteristic cry of a duck.
Also, apparently a quack is a "pretender of medical skill."

Quadrennium- a period of four years.

Here's a fun one: Quadricentennial- a 400th anniversary or its celebration.

Quadrumanous- having feet adapted for grasping. 

Quadriga- a chariot drawn by four horses abreast. 

Quadroon- a person of one-quarter black ancestry. (Why is there a word for this?)

Quaggy- marshy or flabby. (???)

Quango- an organization that deals with public matters and is supported by the government but that works independently and has its own legal powers. 

And who could resist this quokka??

Look at the cuteness!!!


Tuesday, April 19, 2016


     Popcorn is a great snack however you prepare it. Kettle corn, microwaved, stove top, or with seasoning. When I was 11, I ate popcorn every night before bed and developed a reputation with loving popcorn. My best friend likes to write, so when I was in her stories, she would give me popcorn. Popcorn is just so easy to make that it's perfect for when you have guests or for when you're home alone. I've heard that microwave popcorn is linked to cancer, but it's probably okay if you don't eat too much of it.
     Anyhoozles, popcorn is delicious and I will eat it all. 


Monday, April 18, 2016


     Everyday, we have opportunities. Opportunities to smile at a stranger, to talk with someone you don't know very well, to do what God is calling you to do. Sometimes God brings about an opportunity more than once. Being kind to a random person can impact their lives forever without you knowing it. Smiling at the teenager sitting on the bench at Walmart might lighten his day, and make him question his decision to commit suicide. You may think I'm a little far-fetched, but just because you didn't experience it directly doesn't mean it didn't happen. Sometimes we make decisions and we regret them, whether it's the fact that you avoided someone who needed help or acted on something and it went awry. 
     Opportunities can range in "importance" to you. I had the opportunity to go to Kings Dominion for competition, and I did it. I also had the opportunity to spend time with a friend, but I made an excuse not to go. Sometimes turning someone down is okay, but not if you know you should do it. Don't rush your choices, but trust that God will show you the way.


Nerdy Things

     Almost everyone has some random tv show, book, or movie that they are obsessed with. Some people even have a hobby that they fangirl over, but I wouldn't necessarily put that in my "nerdy" category. Doctor Who and Sherlock are two shows that I love enough to buy merchandise (sonic screwdrivers, t-shirts, Funko Pop! figures, etc.). I am also really into a lot of books. Some that I've really liked are like Ted Dekker's The Lost Books series, Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games trilogy, and James Dashner's Maze Runner series. I have discovered that James Dashner's other books are really good too. 
     What books or tv shows are you into? 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Memes, Memes, and More Memes

     Memes are wonderful. So today I will bless you with some memes :)
     (btw, pics aren't mine)

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