Wednesday, April 27, 2016


     Water is a wonderful liquid. It's a refreshing drink that hydrates you body and helps you stay healthy. Both the earth and our bodies are made mostly of water. There are some people who don't like water because they think it's bland, and others drink it all the time. Of course, different water has different taste. Personally, I don't like bottled water; I like the filtered water from our fridge. Before we moved, we drank water out of the faucet, but now our water tastes like chlorine. 
     Even if you don't like drinking water, there are other things water is good for. I love swimming at the beach, bobbing up and down, trying not to be overcome by the oncoming waves. Getting saltwater in your eyes isn't very fun, but it's worth it. Swimming in a pool is fun too, especially if there is a deep end where you can't touch. My friends and I always come up with fun games to play while we are swimming. 
     Anyway, my point is, water is awesome and necessary to life. 

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  1. We couldn't live without water - good choice for W!

    Carol at My Writing Journal