Tuesday, April 26, 2016


     My brother is a video game geek, so when the HTC Vive went on pre-order, he wanted to be one of the first to own it. An HTC Vive is a virtual reality headset that makes it look as if you are actually in the game. He was so excited when it arrived, and we tested it out that night. And let me tell you: it is so much fun. We played The Lab, Space Pirate Trainer, and Spell Fighter. The Lab has a couple different mini games and random things sitting around that you can mess with. Space Pirate Trainer gives you a pistol-type gun in each hand, and you can pick which setting of bullets you want to use while shooting the space things that are trying to shoot you. Spell Fighter is scary. It's not a horror game, and the graphics aren't gory or anything, but there are HUGE SPIDERS THAT JUMP AT YOU WITH THEIR FANGS AND SPINDLY LEGS AND I FLIPPED OUT. You get to pick your weapon in the beginning (I picked bow and arrow cause I don't have to get anywhere close to the skeletons and zombies that are trying to kill me) and set off down a pathway to who knows where. It's very easy to drop your weapon, so it's good to carry extras with you. Your surroundings look pretty legit. Therefore, we have discovered that I would not, in fact, survive the zombie apocalypse. Even though it freaked me out, it was still very fun. I am planning on freaking myself out even more by playing horror games, which I will soon regret. I jump at even the smallest movement, so I'm hoping I don't poop my pants. 
     "Why would you play it if it freaks you out so much?" You might ask. Because It's still so much fun. Even though I flipped out, it feels so awesome to kill a zombie, or jump off a cliff (aaaahhhhh), or browse at an enchanted shop. It doesn't look exactly like the real world, but it feels real. There are lots of fun things to do on an HTC Vive, so I'm really happy that he got one. 
     (Sorry guys, I had Vanishing Realms instead of Spell Fighter, so I went back through and changed it. He does have Vanishing Realms, I just haven't played it yet)

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